Academic Researcher

I spent 2 weeks with graduate students from Princeton University understanding African landscapes. We spent the weeks understanding the Kruger National Park, sampling and exploring different

My trip to Zambia to understand the landscape better. I got to visit the stats department where I received my dataset for analysis. I also got to attend the WWF Food Practice

I am supervised by Professor Robert Scholes for my PhD DELIVERING FOOD SECURITY ON LIMITED LAND HOME/THE PROJECT/KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE/RESOURCES/NEWS/ABOUT/INTERNAL OVERVIEW The challenge of meeting the food and nutrition security needs of 9 to 10 billion by

I am part of the Lewis Foundation – Greenmatter fellowship for my academic research (PhD).  This fellowship is great! I have received training on Strategic thinking and design, Environmental Sustainability, Leadership and Project

Read more below !  South African ship and robots to uncover the future of climate change in

I wrote an opinion piece and was featured in The Beam Magazine, A German- Berlin based magazine. Please subscribe and read